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Health precautions

Reassuring and securing travellers

When tourists travel again, there is little doubt that the period they have just experienced will have caused them lasting trauma. Health concerns will then be a determining factor in their travel decisions and choice of accommodation. To benefit from the recovery as quickly as possible, it is therefore essential that we prepare to reassure and secure our customers.

Charter of Health Commitments

The Charter of Health Commitments was drawn up in the light of recommendations made by the public authorities and health authorities. The Charter is likely to evolve over time and can be adapted to the specific situation of each of your homes.

The Charter of Commitments contains 5 chapters:

Cleaning and disinfection of rooms and common areas
Use and free distribution of prevention materials
Enhanced food safety
Trained and strictly supervised staff
Organized and secure airport transfers
The Charter is flexible. It can be adapted to the particularities and means of each of your establishments.

Complete communication kit

We have designed a communication kit that will enable you to inform your clients of the precautionary measures you have implemented to make their stay with you safe.

Customized visual (logo and photo) for OTAs

The kit includes :

  • A “Hygiene” badge to be displayed on the main photo of your site
  • A banner for your website and its accompanying text that expresses your commitment on this subject
  • Stickers and cards to put in your establishment
  • A page dedicated to health concerns, to be created on your site
  • Visuals for your communication, designed in Facebook and Instagram formats (posts and stories)
  • A personalized visual (with name and logo) in Booking / Expedia format to feed your OTA accounts.


This operation was prepared in collaboration with the Web Agency BRAIN STORM edition. It has notably designed the visuals and texts that are proposed to you. For establishments that wish to join this operation, we propose to use the services of this agency to integrate the elements of the operation into your websites. Its rates have been calculated as accurately as possible with regard to the time required. The use of the visuals and texts of the operation is forbidden without the express authorization of BRAIN STORM édition.

  • Non member : 2400 MAD HT
  • Member : 1900 MAD HT

This rate includes :

  • The installation of the “Hygiene” badge on the home page of your site
  • Installation of a banner and presentation text
  • The provision and personalization of the Charter of Commitments
  • The creation of a dedicated page: “Our health commitments”.
  • Provision of the complete communication kit

Complete kit without installation: 950 MAD HT (we deliver the complete kit that you install yourself on your website)

We invite you to get involved

When bookings resume, establishments that can demonstrate that they have learned all the lessons of the crisis and have implemented effective health precautionary measures will have a clear competitive advantage. In the interest of everyone, we invite you to fully associate yourself with this initiative.

I'm interested, please call me back.